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Health Insurance Options May Be Hard to Understand


Texas – Millions of Americans don’t know what they are looking for when it comes to health insurance. Now is the time to be asking questions for the future of their own health and that of their family. The simple fact is everyone needs medical care of some kind during his or her life.

The truth is there are so many uninsured Americans it’s scary. They don’t have health insurance for a variety of reasons ranging from they have issues with the cost or the coverage to the actual need for it in the first place. No one gets through life without having to see a medical provider at some point. It’s as inevitable as taxes.

Take time to get educated about the various plans on the market today. Either accomplish that by surfing online, or pick up the phone and call a licensed health insurance agent. Although the various plans and packages may appear to be confusing, talking to a health insurance broker will take the confusion out of the equation. It might be as simple as explaining the differences between a Health Savings Account and a Co-Pay or Major Medical Insurance.

It’s a little known fact, but one of the most reasonable plans on the market, one that everyone could conceivably afford, is the Co-Pay Plan. It’s basically what it says it is – it co-pays expenses for doctors, medication and prevention. Instead of paying the full freight for a visit to the physician, only a portion of the total fee is paid out per visit. This is a very attractive option for families with children.

Another option is a Health Savings Account (HSAs). HSAs mean saving money for health care expenses now and in the future. This is a good idea for people who can and like to save money. For those that don’t know how and don’t care to know about budgeting, opening a Health Savings Account wouldn’t make much sense.

There are many tax-free benefits for HSAs, however those with HSAs still pay their own way up to a certain amount. In addition a High Deductible Health Plan is a requirement. For those who don’t like saving, or don’t know how to make the money in an account work and multiply, a Health Savings Account isn’t the best option. Talking to a local health insurance agent will provide answers to a lot of complex situations.

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Justin Lawhorn
Justin Lawhorn
I have been in the insurance business since 2001 and had the fortunate opportunity to start my own agency in 2002 as an independent agent offering group health insurance, individual health, life, and dental insurance.
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