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Health Insurance Not Always Guaranteed In Texas


Health insurance is not always a guaranteed slam-dunk in Texas. There may be medical underwriting issues to deal with first.

Getting health insurance isn’t always the easiest thing to do. In fact, it may be the second hardest thing you’ve ever done next to speaking in public, or writing an article or – you get the idea. Just because you need and want to get health care insurance doesn’t always mean you will get it.

In Texas there are medical underwriting issues that need to be met prior to you receiving approval for health care. The issues generally focus on the questions of how you will be insured, IF you will be insured, what you will be insured for, what will be accepted, what will be declined, or if the insurance company wants to do a combination accept but with qualifications routine.

Quite the list of options to consider, none of which you really have any control over, past the fact of being healthy and living right – as in you aren’t obese, don’t smoke, drink to excess or do drugs. If you’re Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms Average American and the insurance company feels you are a good risk, you will likely get insurance.

If they feel you will cost them money – yes, the bottom line for getting health care insurance is often whether you are going to cost the company money – they may choose to insure you but at a higher rate, insure you but not cover your particular condition, or do both, insure you at a higher rate and not cover your condition. They may also choose not to give you insurance either.

You might want to know that if they do choose to insure you with a certain condition and hike your rates, those rates may be as high as 25% to 50% over and above the preferred rate.

If they do decline to insure you, there are other options, and one of them is to shop around because all insurance companies are NOT equal in how they do their underwriting. If all else fails, then you may turn to the Texas Risk Pool.

To be able to access the Texas Risk Pool you must know you will be declined, have been declined or have a letter from an insurance agent that says you have been declined.

Justin Lawhorn
Justin Lawhorn
I have been in the insurance business since 2001 and had the fortunate opportunity to start my own agency in 2002 as an independent agent offering group health insurance, individual health, life, and dental insurance.
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