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Health Care Reform–Are you concerned?


Are you concerned about Health Care reform and how our Congress and Senate are so concerned in passing a bill that will affect the entire US population quickly!  Seems to me no matter where your views sit with a political party that we should take our time with this bill and get it right!

Until we have had a chance to read the full 2,074 page Reid Bill, it’s impossible for Americans to fully grasp what the Majority Leader has cooked up behind closed doors. It is my hope that Sen. Reid will afford all Americans the same courtesy that he had: ample time to study the legislation and deliberate the best way to proceed.

What we do know so far, as reported by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), is that this bill will have a wide, negative impact on Americans across the board – from seniors on Medicare to small business owners to future generations of Americans who will be footing the bill. The bill will increase taxes on all Americans by nearly half a trillion dollars and breaks the President’s pledge not to raise taxes on working families earning less than $250,000—at a time that unemployment is at a 26-year high.

While CBO has not been given time to analyze the Reid bill’s impact on premiums, every other independent analysis to date has found that Reid’s new mandates and taxes will increase health care premiums on American families. The Reid bill increases taxpayer spending and liability for health care over the next ten years—instead of reforming our already insolvent entitlement programs. It will gut the already insolvent Medicare program by $464.6 billion, hurting access to care for seniors. It includes a government-run public option that will, according to CBO, have premiums higher than private plans and cause millions of Americans to lose the coverage they currently have. The largest expansion of Medicaid since it was created means the Medicaid program will be the only coverage option for 60 million Americans. It will also impose $28 billion in punitive taxes on employers who do not comply with Washington’s new job-killing mandates.

These initial findings are troubling, to say the least.  You can access the full text of the Reid bill from :http://cornyn.senate.gov/public/?p=HealthCareReformHQ.

It is essential that Congress take the time get health care reform right. If the President and Majority Leader are more interested in getting health care reform right for all 300 million Americans than they are in putting a political feather in their cap for the midterm elections, this shouldn’t be an issue.  (part of the above article provided from newsletter of Senator John Cornyn).

Please take the time make your voice heard no matter what your view is on healthcare reform by contacting your congressman or woman and or senator.

Also know that if true healthcare reform is passed into law that none of the changes will make an impact until around 2014–so don’t let your plan cancel or lapse in expectations of an guaranteed option covering your needs in the immediate future.

Thanks for reading and be well!

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Justin Lawhorn
Justin Lawhorn
I have been in the insurance business since 2001 and had the fortunate opportunity to start my own agency in 2002 as an independent agent offering group health insurance, individual health, life, and dental insurance.
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