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Food Poisoning Symptoms


Texas Health Insurance – Recognizing food poisoning symptoms can help you address the problem quickly and ensure that proper medical attention is given to a bout of food-related illness.  Noticing symptoms early is especially important in the case of food poisoning because it allows you to more accurately pinpoint which foods or beverages may have caused the problem and better asses which steps should be taken next.  Warning signs and side effects of food poisoning can vary greatly in their severity and type; here are some of the common symptoms.

Most cases of food poisoning are caused by viruses which enter the digestive system through contaminated food or beverage and upset the patient’s digestion.  Viruses can be transmitted through water, fertilizer, interpersonal contact, and more.  The warning signs of a food-based viral infection are often considered the “classic” food poisoning symptoms.  Included in this list are vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, cramping, headaches, and mild fever.  Both children and adults can suffer from this viral form of food poisoning and while many cases will be alleviated within 24 hours, other can become more serious and a medical professional should be contacted immediately if symptoms persist or worsen. Texas Health Insurance Quotes

A second type of food poisoning symptoms come from bacteria-related illness, as opposed to viral infections.  The most notable of these types of illnesses is a Salmonella infection.  Cases of Salmonella outbreaks have made international news and cause multiple deaths around the globe.  Stepping from undercooked meat, eggs, and dairy products, the most prevalent symptoms of bacterially-based cases of food poisoning watery diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting, muscle aches and pains, and even joint pain.  While the symptoms can often be very similar to a viral infection, bacterial infection (especially Salmonella and E. coli) have the potential to turn very serious and even deadly, if not treated promptly.  If you are exhibiting these symptoms, contact a doctor immediately. Texas Health Insurance

A final type of food poisoning stems from toxins and toxic agents.  This is the rarest type of food poisoning and usually involves unprepared food such as wild mushrooms or freshly caught fish.  The food poisoning symptoms in these cases can often take different forms and involve unusual side effects such as hallucinations, numbness, or paralysis.  Because these types of illnesses are harder to treat and their source is often more easily identified, seek medical attention if you feel you have been exposed to toxins in your food or beverages. Texas Health Insurance Quotes

Recognizing the symptoms of food poisoning in its different forms can help you make informed decisions about the best possible way to treat the condition.  Use these guidelines to assess your illness and always contact a doctor if you are unsure about the severity or cause of the condition. Texas Health Insurance


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